Data Scientist/ data engineer position

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Company Details

MIKAJAKI, SA, a newly established start-up based in Geneva, working on innovative ocular diagnostic solutions. The company is currently developing its fully automated multi-patient ocular diagnostics platform.
The company is looking for the right people to fill a few key technical positions, responsible for driving the hardware and software development of the new diagnostics platform. The initial team will be responsible for carrying out the hands-on product development, with potential of assuming technical leadership roles as the product and company matures.


We are currently seeking a talented data scientist/ data engineer to join our team. We acquired a large volume of medical records from multiple modalities, which allows us to develop data-driven machine-learning and computer-vision algorithms to address patients’ eye care in an accurate and timely manner.
MIKAJAKI’s development teams are located in Geneva and Paris.


We are looking for a talented, enthusiastic and self-driven data scientist/engineer to be responsible for data collection, management and analysis. The candidate will:

1. Manage and supervise the extraction of medical records from medical centers. Be in contact with technical support and engineers from manufactures of medical devices;
2. Plan and supervise the construction of a homogeneous database for patient records;
3. Continuously maintain and update our databases with new patient records and measurement;
4. Integrate existing tools for database management, handling patient files and develop tailor-made algorithms to handle large volume of patient data;
5. Participate in developing and testing machine learning models;
6. Perform statistical analysis on the database for research and development of our products;
7. Keep summary and record of working procedures and protocols for data extraction from machines and medical centers.


1. An M.Sc degree in one of the quantitative domains (Mathematics/ applied mathematics/ computer science/ physics/ bioinformatics);
2. Experience in database management tools;
3. Experience in one or more programming and analysis tools (Matlab/Python/Julia/C++/Java/R);
4. Experience in medical record handling protocols and encryption methodologies is an advantage;
5. Experience with machine learning framework such as (but not limited to) Keras, PyTorch is an advantage;
6. Independent motivated and self-driven;
7. Good level of written and spoken English.


• The opportunity to be part of the initial development team, with the potential of moving into future leadership positions.
• The opportunity to take part in the development of new technologies which can have a positive impact on the visual health of people worldwide.
• The opportunity to work in a fast-paced, dynamic small team start-up environment.
• Furthermore, the company offers attractive conditions.

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